Is being Nice…nice?

My aim was to create a John Alexander’s How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less Review and after reading through his eye opening guide I learnt some interesting things.  A lot of what John Alexander describes makes a lot of logical sense in theory and practice however a lot of us guys appear to make common mistakes when trying get your ex back. These common mistakes we make are borne out of trying to do what we think is the right thing, desperation, frustration, being a nice guy and responding to and dealing with that initial shock of the break up.

I’ve been there myself. The feeling of the world falling in, the little reminders from places you and your partner went to, birthdays, Valentines, smells all trigger memories and you just want to have these feelings again, to get your girlfriend back, or get your wife back and not want to associate these things with the feelings you have now and the bad place you feel you’re in.

Society says that if you’re a nice guy you can get your dream girl and live happily ever after. This is, perhaps, actually misleading.

Why I hear you say? Well being nice isn’t necessarily a bad. However catering for your loves every whim, every need, all of the time gives her a sense of power. Over time she may tire of this, feel bored or unchallenged. This constant giving could be seen by her as a sense of lack of self respect perhaps and it could also be seen as you, the nice guy, playing a role that is being ‘submissive’ and your love playing a more ‘dominant’ role in the relationship.  John Alexander in his guide picked this out and advised how to change to a more Alpha, dominant male.

Could it be then, why sometimes, after a break up, you see some women getting back with their exes who are ‘bad’ or ‘dangerous’ where they essentially seek a relationship where their ex plays the more dominant role?

This is proven from a case study from John Alexander’s guide where, Luke, a person who John coached, broke up with his girlfriend, he tried to get his love back by contacting her constantly. She wasn’t interested and ultimately ended up back with her ex who verbally abused her and treated her badly. It was at this point Luke turned to John for help who explained the Four Step Formula and the Eleven Dials of Attraction.

More on this later.

You can read about Luke’s Story by reading John Alexander’s preview guide, How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less Preview.

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