How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less – The Simple 4 Step Formula

Based on John Alexander’s guide Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less , the simple 4 step formula to getting back with your girlfriend are:

1. Tell her you’re okay with her decision to break up, and then act like you’re okay with it.
2. Become an attractive man who has other women interested in him.
3. Contact her on Day 21 indicating you want to be “friends.”
4. Get her to hang out with you and see the remarkable transformation you’ve undergone.

These tips of how to get a girl back are crucial so that means guys after you tell your love that you’re happy with the decision to break up, that’s it, don’t contact or pursue her again until you complete the rest of the steps. Yes, this also includes resisting the temptation to beg your ex to take you back when you feel you’re at your lowest. This is one of the main mistakes us guys make after a breakup, we pursue our loves and try to contact them hoping for a reply, hoping for a reconciliation, hoping these actions will bring back your lost love.

However, is this the correct course of action where potentially you can show yourself as a desperate and needy character?

Or is it perhaps better to “Build Your Attractiveness”  as per step 2 while cutting off contact with your ex for 3 weeks better?

Building your attractiveness could be doing something better in your life such as having lots going on in your life. For example joining that gym you’ve been meaning to do, or joining that yoga or cookery class you’ve seen in your town or changing your wardrobe? Essentially putting yourself in a higher, desirable position than your girlfriend so she can look up (not down) and maybe go “wow !” and see what she’s missing!

After 3 weeks and after your transformation, contact your ex and indicate you’re happy with the decision and you want to be friends. It might be the last thing you think of doing but it’s the last thing your ex will expect too. After reading John Alexander’s Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less guide, this strategy felt like a passive / aggressive approach that logically is sound.

After that get her to go out with you as friends and let her see what’s changed.

John Alexander’s  report makes you think , questions your actions and judgements, make you see things differently and open your mind to other possibilities that may, just may help you to get your ex girlfriend back.

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