About John Alexander

John Alexander’s early life resembles that of a normal guy. An all round nice guy who had female friends, and hung out with them on many occasions. However he was only seen as the nice guy and it was the other guys that appeared to have all the success with the ladies.

He would listen talk to and listen his female friends constantly, and the problems they haveĀ  with these other guys they see. Oftentimes his female friends would complain that these other guys were jerks and only after sex. Although being the nice guy to his female friends he never had fun with the girls.

John at this particular time didn’t feel he had much going for him. He wasn’t athletic, he wasn’t outgoing, he wasn’t good at making conversation, nor could he make a woman laugh, didn’t have any money, a nice car or good looks. Any of this sound familiar?

The only thing that John did have going for him was his brain, his study of human psychology, biology and his drive for self improvement.

Here’s what he discovered. In the corporate world, top CEOs act a certain way and their employees follow them like robots. In the primate world, the silverback gorilla displays behaviors that get him all the female gorillas automatically.

And so, he thought, could there also be a way to trigger certain automatic buttons in a woman’s mind… which makes them lust for you as the alpha male they’ve always dreamed of? What was it about these alpha males in society who get laid merely by carrying themselves in a certain way?

What John stumbled on were the secrets that changed his life in the most incredible way you could imagine. And what’s amazing is how easy he finds it now to get girls.

Other seduction systems that require you to memorize gobs of routines, hypnotic patterns, and other tricks that require a lot of work and usually fail.

What you have to know is where John is right now…

Today John’s gone from complete failure to total success with women, all from his own self improvement. You just have to use the mind you were born with and that’s what he will show you how to do!

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